Is your sauce gluten free?
What about dairy? Sugar?

Our sauce is gluten free and dairy free. Although we look forward to exploring recipe options in the future, at this time our sauce needs sugar for its distinct taste. 

I'm cooking with your sauce, when's the best time to apply it to my food?

The sauce can be applied directly to whatever you're cooking. The best time to apply Broad Shoulders BBQ sauce is 5-10 minutes before you are done cooking. This gives the sauce time to warm up and interact with the food. 

What's the best thing to use to apply sauce to my food? Anything important to know when applying the sauce?

In most cases, a sauce brush (looks like a paint brush, but it's specifically made for cooking) is the best tool for the job. To avoid cross contaminating your jar with food particles, do not dip your brush back into the jar or place it on the inner side of the lid once it has touched the food. This can lead to bacteria growth, which is gross and unhealthy. 

How long will the sauce last?

Thanks to the apple cider vinegar, our sauce will last over a year in the fridge after you open it, or unopened in your pantry. The longer the sauce sits, the spicier it'll get!