Thank you for a great season, stay tuned!

Dear Loyal Sauce Fans,

Thank you all for such a great season. I started this venture with a simple desire to share my family's BBQ sauce with the world. Since the first market in May, we sold over 2,000 jars, made a donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Chicago, and helped broaden people's community through BBQ.

Unfortunately, we have cleared out our inventory, and we will not be at the remaining Wilmette and Wicker Park markets this season.  

But don't worry! I have been working diligently to find a manufacturer in order to scale the sauce without losing its premium taste profile that we all love. Just like fine BBQ, the search for an ideal manufacturer is strenuous and cannot be rushed. As soon as we find the perfect match we will let you know.

I cannot stress my appreciation for all of you and what your support has meant in our first season.

Stay tuned, and Grill On!